Respect for the environment is another flagship of the company which, through the provision of careful and scrupulous production regulations, keeps under control the “light” and compatible cultivation techniques and integrated pest management methods for fruit.


The GLOBAL G.A.P. protocol defines good agricultural practices (G.A.P.> Good Agricultural Practice) related to the elements essential for the development of best practice (best technique) applicable to farms, crops and products of the earth. 

The protocol was created in order to respond to the growing needs of food safety and respect for the environment. To the GLOBAL G.A.P. protocol several stakeholders are involved in the agri-food chain: 

Producers (single or collective figures) 

 GDO 

 Associate members (laboratories, certification bodies, consultancy companies, companies producing technical means for agriculture) 

The GLOBAL G.A.P. product certification constitutes an instrument of competitive advantage, especially in Business to Business relationships. The protocol provides for the management of requirements related to 

Environmental aspects (history and management of sites, management of land and waste); 

 Product (plant protection products used, irrigation techniques, crop protection, harvesting methods and post-harvest treatments); 

 Health and safety of workers and their working conditions and Elements relating to business management. 

Agricola Conte manages and controls its production ensuring compliance with the requirements of GLOBAL GAP certification. All this is done to have the opportunity to respond to requests from European customers who increasingly require the adoption of international standards. GLOBAL G.A.P. in fact, it defines the production standard of fruit and vegetable products shared and accepted by the major European distribution groups. Integration and synergies with the rules of Integrated Production for the production and marketing of fruit and vegetables and fresh products in general. The GLOBAL G.A.P. protocol represents a real guideline for good agricultural practices.



The HACCP or Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, literally Risk Analysis and Critical Points Control is a protocol, a set of procedures, aimed at preventing the dangers of food contamination.

Agricola Conte has adopted its own strict and strict HACCP manual approved and verified by the competent authorities. This manual in particular analyzes the risks, especially of chemical, physical and microbiological contamination to which our activity could be exposed and prescribes its actions to prevent these risks and contaminations from intervening.

These are actions that are implemented every day and have now become part of the codified practices of our operators and collaborators. This manual is promptly updated to any news that manifests itself in our organization.


Another of the practices implemented scrupulously by our organization is traceability.

This guarantees the customer and consequently the final consumer of any responsibilities found or, better said, of the maximum transparency of the system and of the fact that each department of the supply chain is strictly controlled and supervised.

This is a very complex practice in warehousing, refrigeration, processing and packaging procedures that nevertheless expresses our desire to be responsible and aware of our greatest collaborators: our consumers.