Agricola Conte

” Food is the essence of life, if we want a quality life we ​​must have a product of excellence.”





On a total surface of more than 50 hectares, the reality is located in Veneto in the province of Verona, born in the 90s following an evolution, brought by a passion for the land and mainly following a thirty year experience of the owner as an agricultural expert specialized in the asparagus sector. Over the years the company has developed and specialized on a single product, L’ASPARAGO. Today, more than 30 years later, the agricultural company Conte has an important production reality, becoming one of the largest asparagus production companies in northern Italy. The reclaimed lands, very fertile and rich in water, are of alluvial origin. All the product supplied by the company is totally of its own production and it is not under any circumstances purchased by third parties, in order to have full control over quality.

As soon as they are harvested, the asparagus are immediately refreshed and, once they arrive at the farm, they are washed with water at a temperature of 0 ° C so that they can maintain the quality and most easily preserved characteristics, then they are processed and selected.

Following continuous research over the years, has drastically limited the use of antiparasitic products, the contribution of nutrients has been almost totally replaced by the chemical to the organic, thus ensuring a healthy product, enhancing its organoleptic and gustatory characteristics, which are fully recognized by consumers. The owner Claudio Conte, 53, is also the founder and current Director of the Consortium of Valorisation of the Asparagus of Verona founded in 1999 made up of 25 producers and a cooperative of about 50.

Attention to the environment

Respect for the environment is another flagship of the company which, through the provision of careful and scrupulous production regulations, keeps under control the “light” and compatible cultivation techniques and integrated pest management methods for fruit.

Thanks to precision agriculture we have achieved a significant decrease in energy with a significant saving of CO2 released into the atmosphere. We also have state-of-the-art technological systems such as calibrating machines for automatically sorting the product without excessive handling and capable of satisfying every type of customer need for every type of consumption and with limited time.